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Perhaps we can think of this experiment with blogging as an experimental aside to my sewing? It is certainly just about as improvised – you could call it ‘learning by doing’ but that makes it sound rather more glamorous than it is. I just remember the words of an inspirational sewing teacher at school: “Never stop creating!”. She was so right, particularly when life is full and busy and it seems impossible to find any time to do anything other than survive. In trying to keep making things, during my last maternity leave, I discovered the world of blogs. I learnt so much from all the amazing people blogging out there about their sewing adventures, from women posting endless amazingly detailed tutorials to others musing about the interface of family life and creating. So inspiring, so kind. And, in the evening when home is calm again, it’s often much easier to read blogs, with a cup of tea in hand, than actually working on the sewing table and making something… So while I may indeed be pragmatic, I’m also a procrastinator but ProcrastinatingPatchworker seemed a bit of a mouthful.

So here is a blog to motivate myself, and have a go at posting the progress. It’s certainly easier to write a blog than actually get down to writing the academic novel I promise myself to write one day. I’ve written pages of it already… in my head, during long meetings and after surreal discussions with colleagues — but that doesn’t quite count, does it? So sewing, at the end of a long day, seems rather more feasible than creating the next bestseller.

I’m still trying to finish my latest quilt. It’s been sitting on the corner of the table for weeks, held up by struggles with thread. Now I think I’ve finally cracked it and found something that my sewing machine doesn’t eat. Stippling, here we come. Happy times. JJ.

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Academic and quilter
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