Fuddy is not duddy challenge

Taking the lead from Naptime Quilter‘s challenge to create a doll quilt in browns/greens/burgundys, I threw this together this morning. What a fun excuse to piece and play. All possible shortcuts taken, including putting on the binding in one fell swoop with a zig-zag, and using up half-pieced bits of left-over bits from other projects. A blissful morning, as the flat is quiet since everyone has left to spend the day at the Outlaws. Yay! The gold is totally over-the-top: it was bought originally to make fairy costumes (with great success) and is of course wildly unsuited to quilting, but as I was allowed only *one* colour other than fuddies, this made me smile.


Sunday morning, and the neighbourhood park being quiet, I hopped across the road and took some photos. Unlike some lucky quilters, living here in Old Yurp, in a small flat, I cannot showcase my amazing house and garden in photos (ha!) — but a public park is just the place to snap, and since we practically live in it anyway, it feels like home. Swiss people being discrete in the face of eccentricity, nodody questioned what I was doing with my pegs and camera. And football goalposts, I discovered, are just the place for hanging a quilt! But it’s probably wise to take it down before the local lads start playing…

The conclusion of these photos is that everything I made recently qualifies for Fuddy-Duddy status. This, for instance, was the quilt I finished this week, one evening, for my parents’ Rudy wedding anniversary. Never mind that this was actually over a year ago, and then that this same quilt was promised for Christmas (and presented at the time as a pile of half-pieced scraps!).

And here it is again, pretending to look effortlessly draped across a park bench complete with artistic graffiti, together with its little sister cushion made up of scraps. This started out as a scrap to practice the stippling, but then it seemed a pity not to do something with it. Super-cheapo poly cushion inside, but it looks rather splendid as a set. Especially on a park bench. I feel like grabbing a novel and sitting there to read…

As I was getting totally carried away with taking photos in the park, I made the most of it by snapping this Nine-Patch that I made over a year ago, and have used on our bed since. Material in it comes from shops in Switzerland, Italy, Britain (some Laura Ashley golden bindweed flowers on a white background in there somewhere!) bits of cut-up IKEA sheets and duvet covers, and some reclaimed flowery green that I think came from my Swiss grandmother. Or at least I like to think it does, and it makes me think of her every day. A nice Euro-quilt.

That was fun. Now I have to go and do the washing-up. JJ

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6 Responses to Fuddy is not duddy challenge

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  3. So kind of you to comment! I will therefore embrace my newly discovered inner fuddy-duddyness, and celebrate it with glee (and some fabric). Nevertheless, the quilt on my table is all pink and red and bright, and I spent last night making Mr A a bright orange fleece jumper. Could I be desperately trying to prove something…?

  4. Kirsten says:

    Love “all” of your fuddy-duddy coloured quilts -they are really lovely!

  5. Ah, Switzerland. Lucky you to live in such a beautiful country! Anyways, I love the layout you used for the blocks in your Ruby anniversary quilt. Great use of blue too!

  6. That’s funny that they all fit in the challenge! Happy to see someone else using blue.

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