Guinea pigs!

No sewing this week, as our household spent the whole weekend collecting and getting to know 2 small rodents who will hopefully share our lives for some time yet. They came from a guinea pig shelter. One female firmly called Squeak (says Miss R), the other a male (with some of his virility somewhat altered by A Small But Useful Procedure) initially unilaterally named Scruffy by me, only to be renamed Wotan by Mr T, in great Wagnerian fashion. So confusion reigns and we just call him “the boy one”. The fact that they spend all their time totally traumatised in their little wooden houses is somewhat disappointing to the Small People in the family — but we tell them patiently that the guinea pigs will eventually be a little more tame. We hope.

On the quilting front last week, I made a baby quilt for a friend, in a couple of evenings, before deciding that really I couldn’t bear to give it to her as it was really ugly as hell. I never even photographed it. Clashes of pink, yellow and blue solids and some mixes of prints. Too awful. It has therefore been donated to my mum, and will be passed on to the Church Sale in a few weeks, although it remains doubtful anyone would actually want to buy it. With sunny weather and cotton skirts still all around, surely it cannot be Christmas anytime soon? JJ

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