A super-quick hooded towel

Today the sun was shining and it seemed like another gorgeous, unexpected day of summer — even for those of us stuck in office buildings for most of the day. I had a few minutes of sewing yesterday evening and came up with an incredibly quick but rather useful project that took about 10 minutes in all to make!

Miss R loved using those small hooded bathtowels when she was little, but these were getting rather pathetically small for her as she continues to reach for the sky. So on the way back from work, I popped into the local supermarket and picked up a large fluffy towel and a multi-pack of two little flannels (face-cloths). Easy-peasy to sew the latter together, and make an easy hood in the middle of one side of the large towel. Hey presto! So here are some photos, should anyone wish to attempt this quick-as-a-flash project. I realise in writing this how talented many sewing bloggers are in writing tutorials. I am finding it difficult to put into words a process as simple as this!

take two flannels, sew bias around two sides to attach together

First you need to sew the two flannels together with some pretty bias. Being, of course, totally pragmatic, I did this in one easy step with a wide zig-zag, pinching it in my fingers and tucking it under as I went along. But of course someone more careful would probably attach this as you do a quilt binding, sewing one side first and flipping over the bias as you are meant to do. This was cheap flowery bias I picked up in Italy (-.80 Euro / metre!). If your flannels have edges like these did, identify these as the ‘edge’ that will frame the face and don’t sew those.

Find the middle of the towel and pin the 'hood' open along the middle of the top edge

My large towel was rectangular, so I wanted it to be horizontal when wrapped around the child. I therefore attached the hood along the ‘top’ edge, in the middle, laying the bias to be on the ‘outside’ of the cape.

Attach the hood to the towel by sewing the two pieces together with bias tape, all along the edge. Take care when you have several thicknesses.

I did this in one go, only pinning it, but again it might be wiser to attach the hood with a straight stich first. Pragmatic, pragmatic (or just a bit slummy?).

This is the final shape, with the towel folded in two, with the fold on the left.

I sewed the binding on the outside so that it would show when worn. It’s a bit of a struggle when you hit the middle bit as you have quite some thickness but taking it slow seems to work, and woggling it if necessary… It took more time photographing the steps than actually making it! A VERY quick project, and a great success with Miss R. Modelled here by little Mr A, who is really too small to show it off, but Miss R was away at her grandparents… This photo is also an opportunity to show off another corner of a quilt that is, huge relief, rather less fuddy-duddy colourwise than some of my other ones.

On such a small person, the whole point of making a large towel is rather lost...

Happy sewing! JJ

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