Princesses and pixies

My feminist gender agenda has been rather challenged by the (inevitable…) ‘princess’ phase that Miss R caught on starting school. I fought it for a bit, then decided it was hopeless and unkind to keep on harking about how boring Princesses’ lives must be: “But what do they DO all day?”, I asked, but never really got very far in trying to convince anyone that being a Pink Princess shouldn’t be the sum total of female ambition when one is 5. So, instead, I decided to embrace my Inner Princess, went to the Red Cross charity shop down the street and found an old pink sheet. I grabbed my beloved sewing machine. This is one version of the just-about-wearable-to-school pink skirt, and Mr A next to her wearing pixie shorts (an adapted Butterick pattern), and refashioned T-shirt. The orange T-shirt, belonging to Miss R originally, had puffy sleeves so I chopped these off and hemmed them.

Elastic waists: the way to go for Small People to dress themselves!

Sewing for Small People is such a delight: the smallest scrap becomes a complete outfit. And, hey, that pink sheet is still big enough to make ME a pink skirt. Now that could be just the thing to give me great credibility as I lecture undergraduates on gendered representations of the environment… JJ

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