To place a weary head

A little in-one-evening creation for some dear friends we spent the weekend with. It was fun to chop up, sew and finish a project in one evening! Not the prettiest, but different from my usual flowery stuff, and a reasonably masculine print. Now I want one too… I fear cushions might feature in the future somewhere as my Wonderful Mother has ordered piles for her sitting-room (“I don’t mind if it takes you two years…”), and ours looks positively shabby on our sofa. Why do I always find it hard to make things for myself? Some rather scrappy photos, taken with Mr T’s phone (a real one, not some sort of snazzy modern thing with a touchscreen…)

Turns out the colours fit quite well in bits of their lovely flat

It’s difficult to give something like this to friends because it would be awful if the person didn’t like it and felt obliged to get it out every time you come round… So Mr O and Mrs E, if this is the case, no worries! Or, as one colleague tacfully put it, “The cat really likes the cushion you made me”.

Not sure about the blue colours, but I DO like the little bikes!

I backed it with some scraps of wadding, and quilted it in straight lines. Dead easy, but quite fun to play with texture on the white bits where I had the lines close together. Maybe I should make a wholecloth quilt to really try this out? The binding was a mix of left-over scraps, and then the stripy fabric to finish up the left-over part.

And the back, with some left-over bits, just for fun.

Funny how the this ‘directionless’ print somehow manages to always look upside down… Oh well. Fun, and quick. A nice evening with a sense of achievement: that’s the whole point, isn’t it? JJ.


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2 Responses to To place a weary head

  1. Good point! Thank you for your kind words, Miranda! JJ

  2. Miranda says:

    I think it looks great! Something that I do sometimes when the directionless print looks upside down.. I count how many are right side up and how many are down and then orient it which ever way has more. I don’t know if it really makes a difference but at least I can say I tried 🙂

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