A baby quilt and some bits and pieces

Today I am home sick. Not dying, just feeling miserable and snuffly, so having worked all day in bed in the computer, edited and resubmitted an article, and started to prepare Wednesday’s giant lecture, I thought I deserved a blogging diversion. So a quick update of the past weeks’ projects. I finished a baby quilt for a marvellous colleague and friend, and it has been sitting in a bag ready for delivery for over two weeks… Fun to make but it’s a bit pinky pinky pink! So much for gender-programming. I had made her a first one, but it was too awful to give. The batting is a bit thick, so I suspect this is more of a floor mat than an actual snuggly snuggly creation. Oh well. I have yet to find a really nice batting — ordering online is a bit hit and miss in Switzerland!

Yes, it's taped to the window...

Stippled all over with squiggles in white

Pretty back, all one piece

I should have made three extra blocks, as it looks a bit lopsided like this. The back is my usual solution for cheapo yet pretty quilt backs: a piece of a large duvet cover from the infamous Swedish giant store. The front creamy-white is a sheet from the same place, the pink and red from a jelly-roll by Moda. I’ve still got lots of it, so pink and red may well feature in some other project if I can face it again!

A few days back, I threw together an easy invented fleece for little Mr A from a cheapo piece of orange fleece, copying a piece of his clothing for size and inventing a hood. I particularly like the binding made from scraps of Mr T’s quilt… Mr A was really keen on a tracksuit jumper with a two-handed pocket, so the appearance of this one morning was greeted with tremendous excitement. Yes, there are foodstains on the front of it in this photo. Well-loved, I tell you. This is really a sort of Playmobil colour!

Impossible to loose him in the park wearing this!

I also made an oh-so-glamorous mat to put the ever-useful potty in the sitting-room. It seemed like a good use for some Dr Seuss material, and an unwanted towel that I got ‘free’ for spending too much in the sales in a shop in Italy last summer! Stippling through three layers of toweling was surprisingly easy. I thought it could be a bathmat but it’s surprisingly unabsorbant, perhaps because it hasn’t really been washed properly yet? Or maybe fabric is not the best choice for a bathmat — but it’s perfect as a potty-mat! I told Mr A it was ‘material from Red Fish, Blue Fish’ but he said ‘Noooo! The Cat in the Hat!’. He was right, of course. And he is only 2.

Competing for the Glamourous Sitting Rooms competition!

Who cares the back is ugly as hell? It's on the floor...

I also made a great fleece for Miss R in ladybird spots, but as she is currently running around the park wearing it, postings of that will have to wait. JJ.

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