Happy New Year 2012

What a nice relief it is to see a new year roll in!

The end of the last one was rather dismal, and Christmas was initially cancelled as 75% of the family lay in bed with a nasty flu. It was a real, proper flu, not just a bad cold, but with none of the glamour of being part of a global pandemic this year… Not only were the people almost all sick, the two dear guinea pigs got sick too, and are now being treated in all sorts of (so far relatively unsuccessful ways) for skin problems. Oh the glamour! I think they are a bit mutinous about the whole process, understandably. I suppose this is the problem with piggies from animal shelters, they come with baggage… in this case in the shape of little mange mites.

Scruffy, having had an injection and medicine poured all over his back, poor lad. Itchy, itchy, itchy.

Immune systems picking up, and end-of-term and year madness having passed by, I am finally out of my sewing rut. This was helped by gorgeous Mr T deciding to take the children away to his parents “so that you can sew all day”. Oh, what a love!

My sewing table, in a corner of the sitting-room, always threatening to take over more space...

I made some progress on a large quilt for Miss R’s godfather, and did the boring bit of sewing squares to make half-square triangles, with nice greeny batik fabric. But I’m not great at the boring, repetitive part of quilting (like the endless ironing…).

Still, I did finish something today, hurray:

Mum's cushion

I totally improvised on the pattern, which either works well or turns into a disaster, in my limited experience. I think this cushion sort of works, and probably more so if it had some friends to sit next to. Still, as this was meant for Christmas for my mother, it at least makes me smile that it is finished… just a tad late. But hey, she only got her Christmas present from last year this past summer, so this counts as progress.

Wimpy quilting: I just did straight lines

Ok, another hour of peace before the tribe comes back. What to do? Resolutions? Quilting blogland is full of wonderful women making solemn vows to buy less fabric / quilt more / quilt less / finish their projects. I admire the dedication! I just want to keep treading water and keep my head in the air…

Happy sewing! JJ

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