Progress in green

All over the floor...

Grinning from ear to ear to have had two days in a row with time to sew in the daytime — i.e. not as usual after 8pm when the little ones are asleep. Joy. I’ve made some good progress on preparing the sewing part for my first quilt using Batik material. I really like it. The colours are completely not like this really: photographing things inside with a not-so-smart camera doesn’t really do it justice. I almost panicked when I realised that the nice green ‘cotton’ fabric I had used to spin the Batik out a bit went berserk when I tried to iron it… This was brought back from Aceh by a dear student and friend who was out there doing fieldwork. Obviously NOT cotton after all, but it seemed to be tamed if ironed waaaaay more gently with a near-cold iron. Ooops. Disaster just about averted I think as long as I remember to keep the iron cool for the next stage.

How to organise it?

I decided the only hope of getting it together was to pin it in four sections, otherwise little feet would patter all over it in the morning and spread it all around the sitting-room like autumn leaves. Now all I need to do is sew it all together (and remember NOT to iron it hot, oh no…).

All ready to roll

The trouble is that Miss R got up from bed when I was pinning it, threw up, told me she had sore ears. A good dose of ibuprofen later, poor lass, and she was back to sleep. But I fear my quilting marathon may be off for a bit… JJ

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