Branching out – and finally finishing an old ghost

Trying to clean out various boxes of material under my sewing table, I came across a small unfinished quilt top that I seriously didn’t like. So I felt good about spending part of an evening practising my new-learnt free motion quilting on it, guilt-free about wreaking anything precious. The result is probably not even nice enough to give to anyone, but can no doubt be used by our Small People to build houses around our flat. Or even, lowest of the low, be used as a play space for guinea pigs to save the carpet from sudden spontaneous offerings…

Pumpkin added for scale

It must be about a square metre, or barely more. Not useful for anything, really, but better than being in the back of a cardboard box. I had fun trying out random patterns in the stippling and have learnt an important lesson: doodling anything other than simply swirls is pretty hard, and just a teeny-weeny line or two to guide me WOULD have been a good idea in retrospect. Oh well: a bit toooo pragmatic, here. But it was fun, and freeing, and did me good to see I could quilt a quilt quickly with something other than stippling or straight lines. 15 minutes in the ‘quick’ programme on the washing machine at midnight, and then I draped it over a radiator. And collapsed into bed.

Quilted in white and green, freehand. In retrospect, the green is just a bit too dark to be forgiving...

The back is totally uncoordinated, but made with cheap Swedish giant store fabric. I should probably have used white thread on the back (duh…) but I was afraid it would seep through to the front. But, again in retrospect, this would have been better than the odd pattern that appears on the back now. Still, it is finished, and that is good! If I can, I will link this up to Amanda‘s ‘Finish it up’ Friday post tomorrow.

Using my new-found-confidence following last week’s course, and preparing for the next one on Friday, I then tried out other freemotion patterns on little snippets that could be cushions to go with David’s quilt. The quilt top of this is now finished, and sandwiched. IF I can lug it back across town (walk – bus – train – taxi again…) with my sewing machine tomorrow, I will be able to ask the instructor for some advice. But meanwhile I just had a go. Photos are fuzzy, but again: I had fun and it felt nice and free to experiment before attacking the monster. But what colour to use in the final version? Here I tried out gold thread, and darkish green. Really not sure what works better. Probably something completely different. Any ideas?

The border is gorgeous iridescent cotton, but the photos – taken on the balcony in the Geneva evening winter gloom – totally don’t do it justice.

Two little future cushions

I like the angular one but it does make the quilt a bit too rigid

Off to make supper before the Hordes come back. JJ.

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