More free motion

Another Friday afternoon of freemotion classes, and I ended up making this.

Wiggle-woggle, wiggle-woggle...

What fun! I was pleased that I managed to work out tension issues to the extent that I could use cotton thread. Hurray! I tried appliqué, using fusible webbing, and then free motioned my heart out all over the place. This will probably turn into a cushion, although the ladies in my class all suggested making it into a wall-hanging. But that really seems just a little bit too twee for me… Not to mention that all available vertical walls in the flat are covered in Small People’s masterpieces. Three hours of fun, and that, alas, was the end of the class.

Gingko leaves

And the other way up

I cannot decide which way up it goes… Is it leaves falling on sand or on grass? What do YOU think? JJ

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2 Responses to More free motion

  1. Christina says:

    They look graceful and lovely! Thanks for letting me know of our mystical sisterhood! 😉 Beautiful stitching.

  2. Becky says:

    Looks great!! I love the gingko leaves!

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