If I were a kangaroo

If I were a kangaroo, this is what I would like my pouch to look like.

Fabric to remind me daily of our summer camping trips

I whipped the little one of these together tonight while the guinea pigs chuffed and purred, the children slept and coughed, and Mr T filled out our tax forms, bless him. It’s for my new toy, an electronic book from the book-selling website we all love to hate, bought by Mr T as a surprise with Christmas money from Tante D in Germany. As I cannot resist buying obscure academic books all the time to decorate the shelves of my office, and then more when the website tells me “other people who bought that also bought…”, it may be that this solves the space problem. But, as a geographer, I just know that space is ALWAYS the problem, so alternatively it may well not solve anything at all, especially as I really like scribbling in real paper books, and prefer reading novels in the bath. I suspect it’s actually mainly a toy for reading trashy novels on the train that I could never possibly want to read again… But it certainly needed something to live in.

I just love taking the laptop one out of my bag during serious academic meetings. It cheers up the old men.

It is the little sister of my laptop pouch, also improvised one evening, and daily adored. Boy, how I admire people who can actually follow tutorials for this kind of thing, of which there are many all over the web. I just improvise, and cross my fingers that the object will properly fit into it in once it is finished! It did this time. And if not? I’d trust some use could be found for it…  The laptop one ended up less snug than I had hoped, but it was a blessing in disguise: I can fit a few printed papers to read in it, and a slim book too. Perfect for writing time in cafés. Hurray. JJ

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