Real people, and a brain freeze

Let me start with the brain freeze: I finished the very cottagey quilt for my cousin, at 1.30am before I had to get on the plane to fly to the UK for Easter, full family in tow, and buckets and spades galore. I had great fun putting it together, and stippling stippling stippling all over it like a lunatic: no time for anything fancy. It just needed to be done — in four long evenings. Probably about 20 hours in all? Since it was finished in the middle of the night, I was planning gorgeous photos of it on the beach when I gifted it, in the sunshine with picturesque beachhuts in the background. It would have been so beautiful. But I was enjoying life too much that week, and this artistic ambition was all forgotten in the excitement of the holiday. So, unless my polite begging for a photo gets anywhere, it will remain invisible here.

The really good news however is that one side effect of this blog is the discovery of Real People Out There in this city, and in consequence I had a delightful evening eating biscuits and chatting with lovely ladies… There is promise of more such evenings in the future. Hurray! However, I will have to come up with some handsewing project as I don’t think that broooming away like a lunatic on the machine is quite the thing in this group.

The oh-so-pink quilt for Miss R is half quilted tonight. I couldn’t work out why my lips got so dry when I did free-motion work at high-speed. It turns out that I am so tense  I compulsively bite both my lips together as I sew. Pathetic! Relax, relax, relax… JJ

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