The ultimate escape

Last weekend I escaped from normal life as I know it, hopped in a little bus, and found myself for three blissful days in the parallel world of a quilting retreat, organised by the perfectly lovely Ms E. Eight women, eight sewing-machines, and two totally delightful men serving us meals and popping in regularly to see if we needed anything. Pure bliss as rarely known! Despite the temptations of the gorgeous mountains, and the continuous bubbles of the hot tub and the promise of a spa in the town, I remained practically fused to my sewing-machine in a blissful shimmer of fabric, friends, cutting, ironing and putting it all back together differently. It was utterly GORGEOUS! I know nothing more about beautiful St Gervais, but lots more about quilting, colour, curves, and chocolate.

I have therefore discovered, somewhat to my surprise, that outside of the rarefied world of blogs, there are Actual Real People Around Here who like to do the daft activity of cutting up fabric and sewing it up together again. Fantastic! Now I have to beg and borrow photos of all the fun since my brain froze up before going and I didn’t take my camera.

I made this in a day as it was the suggested project for all: my first stack-and-chop project

I had huge fun making this quilt top with fabric picked up in Lund (Sweden), Les Rousses (France) and reclaimed from Ms E’s impressive and enviable scrap pile. Being not only pragmatic but also disorganised I hadn’t quite got round to bringing the right supplies: the day was saved by the talented Ms C who provided the perfect green (what else!) strips to make this quilt sing.

It was a blissful time of happy self-indulgence, with the promise of possibly more in the autumn. Now I have to maintain the inspiration (if not the tempo) despite Real Life taking back over this week.

Tomorrow is the First of May: beyond the fun of being able to choose to chain myself to a sewing machine as a hobby, I will spare a thought for those who have to do this to earn their living. What a paradoxical and unequal world we live in. JJ

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