Pinked out!

This Blog has suddenly gone ‘private’ and is offline to those not invited. Horrid, really, but it is giving me time to think. As I was teaching at the university, and showing things on the internet in a class during which students get to write and edit entries for Wikipedia, I managed to flash up the Dashboard of this blog by mistake on a forgotten tab. There were some murmurs in the room, and when I closed it a few minutes later someone said “Ah mais non, il fallait laisser…”. I suppose it had never really occured to me that the various parts of my life could clash, and that my beloved daytime job might bleed into this private creative space. Sure that I was only shouting into the void by myself when I wrote it, and while I never really fussed or thought about being read by people unknown, I certainly never thought I would be read by people I know in Real Life (that overrated concept…). So what to make of this? Use it to promote the idea that a healthy work / life balance should exist, even for academics, or else slightly freak out at not being only a prof? In a slight flutter, I chose the second option, and will await the end of term — and the inevitable arrival of another batch of students — to open it up again more widely. Meanwhile I will ponder on what it means to write a blog.

A conversation with a new dear quilting friend about writing blogs also set me thinking. She has chosen, so far, not to have one as she doesn’t know what she can contribute. Oh? I am ashamed I never really worried much about contributing to anything in particular. Shame on me! I suppose if I did I would write this in French and make it frightfully pedagogic as there is much less about quilting in that language. But pedagogy is my day-job, and I had thought of this as a space just for me, at a time when I had nobody to talk to it about. In the meantime however, it has been a useful place to point people I have now met in real life (YAY!) around here when talking about the sorts of things I sew.

So back to what I have been playing with this week, in snatched moments…

It’s done, it’s done, it’s done! The Pinky Quilt is finished, quilted, bound and washed. It is currently in use with a Small Person sleeping under it. Thankfully this was accepted as a suitable bed quilt, despite pink being inexplicably off the menu of Miss R’s favourite colours..

Pink and red improv quilt, from leftovers and bits and pieces

Nothing quite matches, nothing is quite lined up, and there are at least four different types of white / cream but hey it is done, and will be loved, and is best of all FINISHED! The backing is a rather rigid sheet from the Red Cross shop, and the batting is the same lovely cotton one that Busy Needle sells. The material is from my stash, and from leftovers from this baby one. And the large rather clashing-pink appliqué flower is made from one of my dear dead Grandad’s shirts, while the others are from bits of Miss R’s clothing.

Complete with our own ever-changing art gallery above

As Sunday was Mother’s Day in Switzerland, I got given two lovely cotton bags with potato stamping on them, saying “I love Mum”. Very useful! The best present was however a nice day with happy children, and had sewing on my dear parents-in-law’s sofa in my latest project.

I am working on overcoming my I-only-sew-on-a-sewing-machine fixation, and am attempting to make one of these Rose Star quilts. To my immense surprise, this is rather more fun — and possibly quicker — than I imagined. So now I have something to keep me smiling on Monday Nights when I meet the local ladies for sewing time. JJ

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