The world is now orange

“La terre est bleue comme une orange” — who said that? Paul Eluard, I think. Certainly today, my world is not as blue as an orange, but just plain orange, in various shades. I started this quilt to blend in with some map fabric, and built the colour scheme around that. It is for a soon-to-be-PhD geographer…

It went wakier and overwhelmingly colourful before being tamed into squares of alternating scraps. It ended up a bit small, even for a lap quilt, so I threw some more map fabric round the edges. The quilt top now rests on my wall above the bed, pinned precariously, awaiting quilting. The recipient is now off to gallivant around the Turco-Greek border with her new photographer companion, so assuming we don’t have to rescue her before she wishes to come back, I will have a bit of extra time to get it finished in time for her PhD defence. So this could quite definitely be a WIP Wednesday.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I cannot decide if I love this quilt, or not. Mr T thinks it ghastly, which hardly helps my self confidence! The kids, ever supportive, think it is marvellous, but then they are loyal as can be. But what can go wrong with green and orange?

It’s got bits of silk in there too to keep life interesting, and no doubt make it challenging to quilt. Now I need to do some clearing and tidying up as my sewing space is taking over the sitting room. That’s the trouble with my life: working, mothering, sewing… and little time for the boring but necessary things. Or is it just that my pragmatism makes me incapable of setting my priorities? Selfish me.

So what else is ‘in progress’?

I’ve started hand quilting a Rose Star and have done one and a half blocks a few weeks ago — the rest can wait for my train ride to Trieste in June: ten hours to go there, ten hours to come back. My little star blocks are in a big pile awaiting some love, and I now have three quilt tops to quilt… by machine, of course. Roll on the summer holidays! Just a few weeks to go… JJ

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