First papier piecing

Wouhou… why sleep when you can learn something new?

Inspired at the end of a long day to try something new, while Mr T worked out how to use our new red home telephone, I photocopied a page from a very intense pattern by Elisabeth Kouji (from Patchwork Magazine, juin-juillet 2012, edited in France) and had a go.

It looks like nothing on earth on this photo, but it seemed to work and make sense to me. I have put it on a bit of cotton batting to make a coaster, as one seam needed stabilising a bit as I cut the flower sail a bit short. But otherwise it was fun, fun, fun. But I don’t think I’ll be making the complete pattern of this quilt that calls for 64 of these little chaps… in various patterns, with different sails. Very intense, methinks.

Ok, so now it really is bedtime… Happy sleeping! JJ

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Academic and quilter
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