Summer breeze

Wonderful weeks of mooching around with the children, camping in the mountains, keeping everyone alive and cool for days on end. Even the guinea pigs now have a mountain chalet to live in, and keep them safe from foxes. It was a perfect holiday, mostly in the French and Swiss Jura.

I had such a nice change of scene that I almost (almost…) didn’t miss my sewing machine. Some memories of the summer are ending up in a quilt, of course. I’ve been cutting blue and white squares for a while, and have got this far in making them speak to each other. I wanted a sort of simple scrappy quilt that would be perfect in a little thatched cottage. I have yet to live in such a place, but it’s always worth dreaming that one will pop up conveniently close to Geneva, and going for a song…

Now I just have to iron it all, and sew the strips together, tweaking it a bit where I think clumps of colours make it look wrong. Laura Ashley, Liberty, Provençale fabric, old handkerchiefs, Red Cross sheets, Ms E’s gorgeous scraps, my scraps and so on!

I’ve also found a wonderful person who teaches spinning, and I am considering learning to spin. Because, hey, my life is much too easy, with oddles of free time to sit by the fire, right? Ahem. But spinning would fit in perfectly into my imagined lifestyle in the cottage, so maybe I can keep the dream alive while driving myself into the ground as an overworked mother, wife and professor.

Back to work properly tomorrow, and some of my poor students have to retake their exam. Three hours in a hot room. At least it’s in the morning before the sun is too fierce. Happy sewing! JJ

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