A new quilting friend was leaving Geneva — I came away from her goodbye party last night with a huge bundle of fabric, including a huge piece of the sweetest Moda ‘map’ fabric, and a whole pile of greens. So touching, so kind, so exciting.

And talking of exciting, the next edition of Ms E’s fabulous and now famous mountain retreats is coming up soon. We’ve received our instructions for what to bring, jelly rolls and yardage, and a peak of the quilt we’ll make together. It will be such fun to see how each quilt is so unique depending on the fabric chosen by each. Some spots left, apparently, if anyone wants to join in the fun. All levels catered to, from “if this is a sewing machine then I have no idea how to switch it on” to “Chris-and Lynn-star-level-for-those-who-can-quilt-faster-and-and-better-than-a-flying-trapeze”… and even for the happy middle like me! Many of us are going to be returning, and meeting up again so it is bound to be huge fun, as well as totally exhausting.

Meanwhile, back on earth, I need to go and get out the ironing board. Not my favourite part of quilting, particularly as the iron has something nasty stuck on the bottom and makes the flat smell rather dodgy when it’s switched on.

On another happy note, I finished my exam marking (in my favourite café) this morning. Joy. JJ

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