The blue monster

This is what the blue monster turned into. It’s covering our bed, and is wonderfully cozy, with woollen batting inside, with loopy-loops all over – exhausting to quilt, but Ms E was right that it was worth it. Daft as I am, I am already collecting squares to make another one… I think it needs a friend. Does anyone have any old blue and white shirts, or simply blue and white scraps, to spare? My brother’s old shirt and my husband’s handkerchief are in this one. That makes me smile! I have to refrain from sizing up colleagues at work, mentally cutting up their clothes to fit my latest project…

Spot the fingers… It’s a bit under 2.6 meters long, and about 1.8 wide (just a touch too little, in retrospect)

And then the green one turned into this, although it’s already in the post, having survived the washing machine. Off to its new home across the sea, in Washington DC!

That was a busy weekend, wasn’t it? Time to rest. Not to mention plan for the new teaching term… JJ

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