Loose Liberty

A sweet pile of Liberty squares, carefully chopped out of a lovely bag of thin lawn scraps from Ms E, suddenly found themselves next to a couple of Moda charm squares as I was rooting around my material. I thought they might work together. I had the nagging feeling the Liberty might be too busy alone, and was dithering about what to do about it, for, ahem… about six months. This chance encounter of two piles got me fired up, and I just zimmed along with a pile of each, adding bits as I went along.They sort of go together, I think. It certainly dilutes the Liberty-ness a bit, however much one adores those patterns. So terribly English, methinks.

Now I have twelve strips that I could just sew together as is, moving some around a bit to remove clumps — but this might be a bit small, even for a single bed quilt. Could I separate them with cream strips? But that might loose the scrappyness a bit. Or sew them together as is, and then make a border? I’m not so keen on ‘lap quilts’ because they never really seem big enough to do anything with. Ideas, anyone? I have more Liberty squares, but no more Moda (Athill Range) squares, so I need a fresh idea. Otherwise this will just turn into yet another cottagey squarey quilt, with a border or two. But, hey, those are nice too…

Happy week! JJ

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3 Responses to Loose Liberty

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  2. I love the colors! Simply elegant! I think it’s gorgeous as it is, but if you really wanted to break it up a bit, you could do a 9 patch and border the 9 patch with sashing strips, That would retain the scrappy look and enlarge the quilt size. Just a thought πŸ™‚

  3. shannon says:

    I just finished making a quilt almost identical to this, and faced the same dilemma. I decided to leave it the size it was. To add some character, instead of stitching in the ditch, come in an inch or so, and do this horizontally and then vertically. It will add some depth, age and interest but maintain that scrappy look you want to keep. Happy sewing!

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