Lots of work, not much progress

The day was mostly spent writing: finishing a research project application, and tidying up another. I should really be finishing a book chapter — but that will have to wait for next week, I fear. Meanwhile it is pouring with rain outside, and the children were at their grandparents all day. As I tapped on the laptop all day, I had the guinea pigs chirrping to keep my company, and then, when all were safely tucked into bed under quilts (or into wooden mini-houses, for the furry ones), or were out teaching evening classes, I had the sewing machine to keep me happy.

The first thing to do — the boring but ultimately exciting step — was to sew strips together in preparation for the bi-annual Patchwork in the Peaks quilting retreat in the French Alps, close to Geneva. (There are apparently some slots left for the first weekend! Sign up if you want a long weekend of pure delight!). So I put almost 40 strips of colour with white together, to make a double-hourglass quilt.

Not fascinatingly interesting, but a nice chance to fondle pretty fabric. I think I am getting faster and more accurate at this. Brrrmmmmm. I also think the quasi-walking-foot-thingy on my Pfaff makes this easier. Certainly no pinning needed.

Then I got back to thinking about my Liberty quilt, untouched for the past week. I have 11 strips of 10 5” squares to sew together. Not huge, really, so it occurred to me that I might set it on point and add the scrappy border I have been constructing with left-over scraps, and some teeny-weeny squares from Moda. This sticks to the basic colours but — hurray — adds just a bit more green to it all to downplay the pinky pinky. I think this might work to make it all larger, but it will require some more white. I might even have enough strippy border to go round twice?

And now for another gratuitous picture of pretty fabric, taking way too late at night with a hopeless webcam. I should go to sleep instead.

Bonne nuit! Linking up to WIP…
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

And happy sewing to you all. JJ

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2 Responses to Lots of work, not much progress

  1. mindingmomma says:

    looks like you’ve been busy all right

  2. Deb says:

    Your project looks beautiful… I’m a big fan of florals so can’t wait to see more!

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