Peaks Two, a little peak

On the other side of the looking-glass perhaps?

This photo, taking by the lovely Chris, makes our retreat location look like some sort of other-worldly, magical place. Believe me, this perfectly reflects what it really was like! We were willingly locked in and created the most wonderful buzzing noise all day — were it not for the various wailing ladies and mournful men who seemed to inhabit our musical list of choice. I almost missed the online Wisconsin musical list of the weekend a few weeks back. There is something delightfully geographically confusing about hearing radio ads for roofing, snow clearing and tire repair when you are on the other side of the world.

We must have been an odd lot to any outsiders: located in the most idyllic Alpine landscape, we barely took any notice of it, despite radiant sunshine. I suppose living in Switzerland eventually makes us blasé about the beauty, or could it be that given the choice between a pile of fabric and a mountain, most quilters barely hesitate? It rained on the last day, which all made us rather better about the whole inside thing. But, even if it was only a backdrop and we wanted to squeeze every minute of it to spend time together, and sewing, it wouldn’t have been the same if it had been held in a portakabin in an industrial wasteland.

As can be guessed in the photo above, we all made the same ‘double-hourglass’ pattern in such different colours as to make it unrecognizable. It was such fun seeing how all the choices in fabric led to different results. I did finish this top (below, thank you Chris for all the photos in this post!) and I am now wondering whether or not to put borders on it to make it a tad larger. It’s just little short of 1.8 metres square as it now stands. Pretty pretty pretty. The fabric was from a bundle shop-assembled from City Quilter in New York that I picked up last year during a work trip, and bits from a Moda jelly-roll. The white is a sheet from the usual Swedish place.

Back from the mountains, having sewn through lots of fabric, I of course decided to add to the chaos by picking up some (more) sheets in the local Centre Social Protestant this afternoon, on the way home from work. It will add to my blue collection, should I find the energy to make another blue/white scrap quilt. I do so hope I will because I adore the first one! Or else I might chop them up and participate in a vintage sheet swap if they’ll have me. I love this form of recycling…

Pretty pretty pretty, especially once brutally chopped to pieces and sewn up again randomly…

So now, cup of tea in hand, I will dream of new projects while focussing on other things for the next few days. JJ

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2 Responses to Peaks Two, a little peak

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  2. Elita Sharpe says:

    I might have to steal a bit of all three of those… 🙂

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