Well, I was meant to be cleaning up the flat after our holiday last week, but a pile of rather Christmassy-looking scraps got in the way… So I started to throw them together. Oh, yes, yet another square quilt… I think this is really the perfect meditative evening project after a day of work: no thinking, scant planning, and my own version of restful leisure, listening to the BBC4’s “Moral Maze” on my internet radio. How long did it take me to make these strips? The Archers, Front Row, 15 minute drama, Moral Maze, Four Thought and half of Climategate revisited. A perfect evening while Mr T taught his evening class. And, not surprisingly, I now stop just at my worst favourite stage: ironing.

So now not only do I still have to do some serious tidying, I also have some urgent ironing… Good night! JJ

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Academic and quilter
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