Christmas kindness

Silence around here for weeks. It has been a bad, sad end of term. My beloved father died unexpectedly. There are no words.

In the darkness, kindness. My lovely friend Elita, sensing that it was all just too much for me to go on being brave, did what quilters do best: provided the warmth, care and practical help needed. She delivered a meal, gave me a hug, wordlessly picked up my half-finished Christmas quilt, and delivered it ten days later, having pieced the back, and quilted it most beautifully, tactfully allowing me to attach the beautifully-made binding. Nothing fed my soul like this kind gesture. I can now pick myself off the floor, wrap myself in the most beautiful, warm woolly quilt, and just wait for the passing of the winter solstice to bring back the light. I had to switch on the sewing machine to attach the binding after days of just not managing to make anything at all, providing more balm for my soul.

It’s pouring with rain now, and my camera is out of action, so although these don’t do justice to the beautiful quilting she designed, they will cheer up this blog that stayed silent for too long.

Photo on 2012-12-22 at 15.43

Photo on 2012-12-22 at 15.38

Photo on 2012-12-22 at 15.39

Photo on 2012-12-22 at 15.44

I had pieced this star for the back, but had got nowhere other than surrounding it with one square of red. She completed the back, found the ultimate cuddly red flannel to finish it, and tied it all together with swirly quilting. I am wrapped in it now on the sofa. Peace.

xx JJ

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1 Response to Christmas kindness

  1. mindingmomma says:

    belated condolences for your loss

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