Le challenge

Having spent my midday break starting to make a grasshopper quilt in appliqué with Miss R for a magazine competition, making good use of my green scrap bag, I thought I could challenge myself too. So I have signed up for Le Challenge, on the basis that it must be fun, whatever it is. Even if it involves grasshoppers. Or maybe especially if it involves grasshoppers?

Le Challenge

We’ll see what one of my former fabric swap partners comes up with… I just hope that the instructions won’t be too taxing, like “make a scrap quilt with 1000 1-inch pieces in two weeks”. They surely wouldn’t dare, would they?

Which, incidentally, indirectly reminds me that I still haven’t made anything with either the vintage sheet swap fabric, or the low volume fabric that I got in the post. Maybe during my next quilting weekend — in a few days time with my lovely friends.

Happy sewing… or whatever you current challenges include. JJ

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1 Response to Le challenge

  1. Thanks for your brilliant comment on Le Challenge!! I am thinking about that grasshopper idea 😉
    Don’t worry we will not be so specific or demanding!

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