Liberty squares, double hourglass, and a pile of shirts

The Liberty quilt is almost ready for the big reveal: I just need to finish off quilting four little triangles in the corners. I was doing fine until I ran out of thread…Hopefully tomorrow will be a sunny day in Switzerland so I can get some nice photos of quilts hanging in the park, on my favourite football goalposts. But I fear it will simply be cold, wet and windy. O Spring, where art thou?

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Meanwhile, the washing machine is whirring with the sound of a freshly finished hourglass quilt that I started at Ms E’s quilting retreat last Spring. (By the way, you should hurry to sign up for the next one, in less than five weeks’ time! We are going to have a blast, methinks.) The back is a wonderfully green huge sheet from the Centre Social Protestant that was so huge it provided the back for this, and three rounds of binding kindly made by Ms E. Having someone else iron my binding is the ultimate luxury. I’d never really bother. I’m so excited to finally have this done — all it needs is a label, and possibly a name. Any ideas?

Washing machine2

Normally, squares seem to dominate things around here, so the hourglass was a rare departure. But squares are so wonderfully easy to put together when evening brains are rather frazzled, and are so perfect for scrap quilts. Who cares if rooms are small in Geneva flats when you can simply fill them with colourful quilts? The scrap quilt on the right is made up of so many bits of wonderful fabric, from friends, family and finds. I just love the jumbliness of it all. Recycling at its best.


Time is passing, and I must go back to my Liberty squares now, assuming my sewing machine behaves with cotton for free-motioning the last bits of the pretty pretty quilt…

And what about the pile of shirts mentioned in the title? That is the next project, so totally early in the In Progress phase. I have simply cut up all my father’s shirts into panels, ready for inspiration to strike. I’ll try to resist making more squares and come up with something more creative. But, if truth be told, I also cut out another square quilt last night, made of lovely soft flannel.

Happy work in progress to you all, JJ.

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1 Response to Liberty squares, double hourglass, and a pile of shirts

  1. Janine says:

    I love squares too! Your quilts look fab 🙂

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