A birthday surprise in the making

A very special friend has just had a big birthday and obviously needs a quilt. Hush hush. I’ve been wanting to make her one for ages, and we picked out fabric together from my stash months ago… but then it never seemed to get made. Her big birthday suddenly makes it urgent — and I now have less than a week to make a quilt from start to finish. So my wonderful and ever-faithful friend Miss E rallied round tonight so kindly. We both had full days at work beforehand, but nothing beats an improvised sewing evening in the sitting room, zooming away making stars that I had cut out last night while kiddies sleep nearby. Look what we made in a couple of hours, fuelled by tea and excellent banana bread!

Irene quilt

Scrappy stars! I think I will put contrasting blocks between them, and hope for the best, with a nice flowery Kaffe Fassett flowery border in the same colours. I have already sort of planned to long-arm it Friday evening, so the top will need to be done by then. Nothing like having a deadline to get going! Now I just have to work out what I am going to lecture on for three hours tomorrow morning, despite lack of sleep…

On another point, look who came to dinner this weekend in the mountains, having climbed onto the roof, down the chain despite the overhang, and then jumping down a loooong way to reach the ground afterwards, via a tree. Nothing beats being motivated!


Happy sewing! Or eating birdseed. JJ

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