Seeing stars, work in progress

Progress, progress, on my stary quilt that I started on Sunday, although I am feeling the effects of too much work (in the day) and too much sewing (in the evening). But it is fun to work to a tight deadline as this quilt top needs to be finished by Friday.

I have found three fabrics — two flowery, one dark green — to make borders to bring it up to a nice lap size. The stars rather got their points snipped a little too much when I was squaring up the blocks to 8inches so I sewed them together with less than a quarter inch seam. Ooops. I hope they don’t pop… But although far from perfect, I think it works — and I am learning a lot doing it.

Two more strips to sew together, tomorrow, after another a hectic day at work, travelling to another city and meetings meetings meetings.Irene2
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

So now off to bed I go! Happy sewing, JJ.

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5 Responses to Seeing stars, work in progress

  1. Only the binding to attach and it will be DONE! Yay!

  2. Great colors! I hope you were able to make your deadline!

  3. Beautiful m’dear! Well done with your progress!

  4. Nancy says:

    Your stars are beautiful but I especially like the quilt you have in your header. It looks comforting and comfortable!

  5. Love the colors! Hope you make your deadline!

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