Finished on a Friday

Fuelled by a deadline, Miss E and I had a very productive evening together finishing piecing the top for my friend, and making the back using green map fabric and a green bottom sheet from the usual Swedish big store. Once that was done, and borders were attached, we put it on Indy the longarm. Speed being of the essence, I simply stippled it, trying to remember to loosen up and not bite my lips to pieces as I usually do when I am doing anything in free motion… It is fun to finish something on a Friday so I can link up to Crazy Mom (

It was a wonderful evening of sewing and chatting. Note to self: PG Tips tea at 10pm does not make for a good night’s sleep once the sewing is finally finished… Oh well!

Irene on longarm2

Irene on longarm1

Most of the stars are in one colour, some are scrappy. I played around with colours and arrangements for the interspersed squares and in the end — not a surprise for me! — decided on a scrappy look.

Irene on longarm3

The stippling is in dark burgundy thread, and I have now attached gorgeous deep red/orange binding. Ready to be delivered this evening! I almost cannot bear to part with it because I think it is my favourite quilt ever — but perhaps that is what I think every time? It is certainly going to a good home.

Fabric from around the world, bought in New York, Nyon, online from the US, Indonesian batik green, Japanese flowery fabric with a hint of gold and some nice deep red bought by my darling father a year ago. I was so touched at the time that he dared to go into a fabric shop, choose bolts, and ask to have it cut. He always did so much to encourage my interests, moving outside his comfort zone to nurture others. I’m quite pleased with how it all seems to come together.

Irene finished1

The back is pieced from a piece of ‘world map’ fabric in dark green — too jumbly here to see the pattern — and some green sheeting. Appropriate for a geographer.

Irene finished2

Happy sewing! JJ

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3 Responses to Finished on a Friday

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  2. Christine says:

    Oh my, I think my dad would have NEVER entered a fabric store to buy me some fabric :o) Great story, thanks for sharing!

  3. Congratulations on your finish!

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