Random happy colours

Today was a day for celebrating a birthday, with six little ones wearing little homemade aprons made of waxed cotton (designed for making no-sew tablecloths) that looks like patchwork, but of course aren’t. We decorated — and ate! — fresh cupcakes and then just managed not to cover the walls in chocolate making chocolate spread and putting it into pots. Yummy! It was huge fun.

Here is a photo of a small guest modelling the de rigueur outfit of the day.

Apron in use2

This clearly isn’t really quilting, despite the patchworky look, so perhaps instead it might qualify as a Really Random colourful project? Luckily, as I just bought four metres of the stuff instead of cleverly working out how much I needed, I had enough for making two adult-sized ones. Happy and cheerful, if not perhaps the height of sleek fashion.

Live A Colorful Life
I think the dots of this logo look just lovely with our new tablecloth / apron / food, don’t you?
Happy sewing, JJ.

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6 Responses to Random happy colours

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  3. the dots logo is perfect! SUCH cute fabric!

  4. Jan says:

    looks great and a terrific idea with the apron!

  5. Oh, how utterly ADORABLE!! I love that cute tablecloth upstyle to apron idea. Very clever and I’m sure they all loved them. Such talent to stir the imaginations of wee ones!

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