More squares. What else?

A quick finish for the little birthday boy, made in soft flannel. One of my father’s shirts made it into it too for memory’s sake. I love the effect of the flannel, but I’m not very happy with this quilt: too small, too busy, too all over the place. Oh well! It’s my first flannel quilt, and the Small Person likes it. What more can I hope for? When the Spring comes back, it would be good for lying on in the grass, reading a book. The back is gorgeous fabric from Japan… but my camera has run out of memory.


Off to work now! A day of meetings, and hopefully some writing time in the afternoon. I do hope so. Happy sewing / writing / creating!  JJ

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Academic and quilter
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1 Response to More squares. What else?

  1. mindingmomma says:

    i like the randomness and the colors, just right for a little boy

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