Heaven for a weekend

The rain is pouring down on the French mountains, but we are warm and busy inside our quilting retreat haven. We played with colours this morning, and wearing fun aprons (recognise them?) we just made, the Mountain Witches brewed up some magic. Mixing dyeThen we added leg of newt and eye of frog, and some Procion dyes, salt and magic white powder. The magic continued to brew in cold water for an hour or so, and our little squares turned into things like this:

Convergence before

Then the addictive process, inspired by Ricky Tims’s convergence quilts, and expertly taught and channelled by Miss E, made us made things that started to look like this:

Convergence almost there

Now that my eyes have rested a little from the dayglo effect, I think I can brace myself for the final sewing. Colourful it certainly is! The yellow at the bottom left is really totally fluo. What on earth can I do with this? A giant cushion for Mr A, probably.

Here it is finished as a top, with a rather bad quality photo, standing outside almost in the pouring rain. Now how on earth do I quilt it? I suppose this just about qualifies for the Finish It Up Friday deadline, even if it is technically Saturday on this side of the world…

Finished convergence

Twenty-four hours of bliss left up this mountain for us eight gals… So many more projects to enjoy together. This is a dream retreat! Happy sewing! JJ

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4 Responses to Heaven for a weekend

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  2. Oh I LOVE these! How fantastic!!

  3. oooh what fun! Turned into such a pretty block!

  4. mindingmomma says:

    enjoy your retreat! fabulous fabric! can’t wait to see the cushion put together

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