Shirt quilt and the day-glo cushion

The Day-glo ‘convergence’ is now a cushion, totally over the top and vibrant. But it is slowly growing on me… I had enough zany day-glo home dyed fabric to make binding, and I quilted the front in green stippling so it sits nicely. Subtle it is not!


I enjoyed making the back with colourful stripes, and put my first zip in the back of a cushion. I love the back! I happened to have a cushion filling with me that was just about the right size. Hurray for completed projects! I suspect little Mr A will quite like it.


To save my eyes from going totally fuzzy from all the bright colours, I have also made good progress this afternoon — with wonderful help from my favourite ironing fairy — on the shirt quilt. Known, in order to keep the morbidity (and tears) at bay, as the Dead Dad quilt. For obvious reasons. But making it is strangely therapeutic, like quilting the grief away one triangle at a time. So now it is all laid out on the ground in a corner of the chalet, and I will have a happy evening trying to put it together slowly. Not sure (as always…) quite how large this will end up, but each square is just short of 5 inches. Borders are planned in due course. Blue and white shirts, one pink one, and some Provençale fabric from a part of the world my father loved.

Dead Dad quilt

Now for a nice evening of assembling squares, in lovely company. And believe it or not, it is SNOWING outside! Not that I was planning on really leaving this calm oasis of sewing happiness. JJ

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5 Responses to Shirt quilt and the day-glo cushion

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  3. It’s a great cushion, your little man will just love sidling into it.

  4. lynnepusscat says:

    Well, you know I like the cushion – it makes me think of summer and watermelons and cold lemonade. Ok, so it may be a teeny weeny bit 1980s neon bright, but I believe that’s now ‘hip’ again 🙂

  5. candeecha says:

    The Dad quilt is turning out just beautifully. I am sure any dad would feel honored. Thanks for sharing; I may have to make one of those myself…

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