Skirting the issue

“Finish it up Friday” it is and I have finally stiched the elastic on the skirt I made Miss R to celebrate the Spring. It swings and flings and looks very patchworky! It’s not quite a quilt, but it’s the closest I got to finishing anything this week.

R Skirt

It was started — and very nearly finished — last weekend during our fabulous quilting retreat in the French Alps. I had no pattern, but just got inspired by Miss E’s wonderful boxes of fabric. It certainly has the weight of Liberty, so perhaps it is, particularly those side panels? So I raided the lovely boxes of fabric happily, and started cutting A-shaped panels to fit onto the size of the scraps, with a vague plan in my mind. I definitely wanted pockets: every six-year-old needs pockets to fill with treasures! When it’s too small, I can still reclaim the fabric and turn it into a quilt, can’t I?

Japanese squares 3

This is the state it was in last week, before I stiched the last seams and the elastic to the right size. It tones rather well with the quilt top I just finished with lovely Japanese fabric, picked up in Tokyo at the beginning of the year at the Quilt Festival. I wonder how I am going to quilt that? Anyone have any ideas or tips? The squares are quite rigid cotton, often almost textured, and the burgundy between is a linen / cotton mix, also Japanese. I do so love squares…

Here is another gratuitous photo of the patchworky skirt, in full swing:

R Skirt2

I initially loved the effect of the burgundy binding in the middle, but actually it creates a rather rigid seam that sticks out at odd angles. Oh well, that is what happens when patterns are improvised.

R Skirt3

And no, taking photos of children standing on tables is not safe, and particularly when small brothers leave the kitchen unexpectedly and want to climb up too. Ooops!

Still, once we have all climbed down safely, all we need is some nice hot weather, and a basket full of a lovely picnic to enjoy in the park, finally able to make the most of living in the city in the sun. As many quilting blogs are filled with wonderful photos of inspirational gardens at this time of year, bursting with lovely flowers, let me show you mine. It is pocket sized, and saves on watering…

This is our garden

Happy finishing up projects to you, as encouraged by the ever-inspiring Crazy Mom!   JJ

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