Starting somewhere

On the 25th May, I will do a stand-up-and-teach event at a local fundraising Spring Fair in Lausanne, for half an hour or so. People don’t know what to expect, and I have no idea who will be there, if anyone! Skill levels unknown. I thought I might get people to make a simple four-patch by hand, and then assemble them all later into a baby quilt to be sold at the Christmas sale later in the year.


I test-ran this activity by my 6-year-old daughter who managed finely, although she did give up after having sewn one seam… I have made an Intro to patchwork pdf sheet. Can anyone tell me if this makes sense, and what else to include, or what to remove? I think I will pre-cut a pile of 2 1/2 inch squares and pass them round with needles and thread. A good way to use up scraps, if nothing else. Even if I end up sewing them all with my mum and daughter…

Now I think I will quick-piece a baby quilt to show off what happens after these blocks are made, what a quilt sandwich is, and what ‘quilting’ is, by hand or machine. I will also sew two strips together, and chop them up by rotary cutter, to show the folks that there is also a quicker way of doing this than sewing it all by hand. Quite enough for half-an-hour, don’t you think? Hopefully people will enjoy this, and then feel sufficiently rested to go back to buying jam / eating cakes / resisting brocante.

While I think nothing of regularly lecturing to 400 students in a huge amphitheatre, teaching patchwork is something new to me. I also realise, with extreme shame, that the above block is the first one I have ever made by hand, apart from English paper piecing. Ha! Teaching is all about staying one step ahead of your students, I say…

Happy sewing! JJ

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