Prototype almost finished

Thanks to copious amounts of small plastic blocks that keep little people amused, an improvised playdate with a neighbour for Miss R, and a kind and understanding Mr T, I have almost finished my prototype for my improvised Introduction to patchwork session in a few weeks’ time. It is cot-sized. Whatever that means. What it really means is that I have no real justification to keep it since my small people now sleep in bunk beds… But it is so sweet, maybe I’ll have to?

Intro to patchwork exampleIt probably needs dead simple quilting in straight lines so that people can see an easy way of finishing off a quilt. Even if it would be quicker to stipple it, that might seem ‘scary’ and complicated to someone who has never tried or doesn’t have a fancy machine? It would be nice if someone with basic sewing skills were able to start off quilting on the basis of my half-hour introduction. Who knows? Some of the fabric in here is from a ‘vintage sheet’ swap I did a few months back (when did good-old second hand become pretentious ‘vintage’?). I love how so many things that I make involve old recycled fabric having travelled around the world before setting into a project. This also has bits of my Grandfather’s pink shirt (with a red/white thin stripe) and small scraps one of my lovely graduate student once posted into my letterbox. A rather nicer surprise for a crafty academic than the exams in need of marking that usually inhabit my letterbox.

Happy sewing! JJ

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5 Responses to Prototype almost finished

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  2. sarah says:

    It’s gorgeous and so simple, I really need to learn to quilt. Sarah x

  3. mindingmomma says:

    I love the simple design

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