Mothers’ Day (in some places)

It was Mothers’ Day in Switzerland today, but we had more or less celebrated the earlier British one a few weeks ago. My wonderful mother is travelling in the UK today, so I poured out my mothering-sunday-ness on my lovely Mother-in-law instead. A quick cushion to match a large one I made for them about a year ago. It had been needing a friend and was looking lonely on their sofa. No time to quilt the front panel — so shall we say that this is good because it’s nice and squishy as a result, rather than just totally rushed and made in a hurry while the children were cycling in the park with Mr T?


I only had a totally too-small zip, so was a bit of a struggle to put the cushion insert in… In fact, the cheap cushions I had from the usual Swedish store were a bit too small, so I managed to force two in there. With a bit of intensive massage and pummeling, it just about passes, although it remains rather lumpy… Thanks to the wonderful Miss G at the last Patchwork in the Peaks retreat for showing me how to insert zips! I am hooked. Never mind if it really isn’t at all the right colour! We’ll call it “contrasting”, right? Mr T will deliver it later tonight, and catch the Hockey match on their telly — The Swiss players, amazingly, aren’t doing too bad in some world competition. Although I don’t understand much of the rules, watching hockey brings back fond memories of living in Vancouver for both of us.

PICT9093I am no fan of television usually, to the extent that we don’t have one, but a link on another blog sent me last night to the Great British Sewing Bee on Youtube. I watched one episode much too late last night, when quilting the pink squares quilt was getting boring: totally addictive! I realise how technically easy sewing straight lines on quilts compared to making tailored clothes.

Time to take the kids to bed now. Happy sewing! JJ

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