Beware of the pink curse

The pinky quilt is now quilted, ready for demonstration purposes on the 25th May in Lausanne. Straight lines take rather longer than stippling, but I think this looks ‘achievable’ for beginners. Now all I need to do is attach binding, probably the stripey red/white that is already in this quilt.

Prototype quiltedWhether for little girls or for myself, I seem to have been making a lot of pink quilts lately. I never liked pink. Now, with my pinky-greeny bags of scraps billowing beyond all recognition, I have to admit that I have a pink problem. It is growing on me. Yesterday, I went shopping for a pair of short trousers to celebrate the impending arrival of Spring. This is what I ended up buying. The problem is spreading.

Matching legsI am close to embracing my Inner Princess. Or am I just turning into a quilt (or, more worryingly, what looks like a pair of curtains)?

Do you find that colour schemes you would never have chosen take over your life?

Happy sewing! JJ

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3 Responses to Beware of the pink curse

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  2. Sarah says:

    I’m a purple and turquoise kinda girl normally. In fact I probably have far too much of both in my wardrobe. I wore a pink top for the first time in ages in the nicer weather we had last week and had so many compliments that I think maybe I need to embrace the pink more too. Sarah x

  3. lynnepusscat says:

    You go, girl, pink it up! Maybe you’ll even come over to the dark side of liking purple one day, too!

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