Sun, pleeease

It is raining. Tomorrow it will rain. It snowed at the weekend up the mountain. I am fed up with it. Here, in the spirit of reminding the universe what we need (Warmth! Spring! Sun! Sitting outside in cafés! Playing in the paddling pool in the park!), is a small quilt made on a large fat quarter than just needs to be turned into a cheerful cushion. Or something.

Large fat-quarter sized

Large fat-quarter sized thingy

I quilted it with the Aurifil bought from Miss E’s shop. It is simply superb thread. It didn’t break once in all this thing — quilted very densely, often over the same spot many times. I now need to lightly quilt the blue bits and make it into a cushion. I’m not sure I really like the result, actually, but it was fun to do totally unplanned, free-style appliqué (raw edge, just very roughly pinned and free-motion quilted in place). I think it looks vaguely and rather worryingly like some sort of modern ecclesiastical vestment.

Do you think the sun will get the message?

Happy sewing! JJ

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6 Responses to Sun, pleeease

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  3. Kerstin says:

    Please, please, sun, get the message! I’m sick and tired of this weather! Your sun is lovely, let’s hope the real one is inspired by it…

    • Thank you for your kind compliment. The magic doesn’t seem to be working one bit, and now it’s practically hailing, dark and grey! Maybe if I quilt rain clouds, in the spirit of going with the flow, the sun will come out just to prove me wrong again? Worth trying…

  4. Sarah says:

    I do hope your quilting will inspire the sunshine. It’s another grey wet day here in the UK today and it’s almost June … come on sun shine! Sarah x

    • UK: grey and wet. Switzerland: grey and wet. Yet, apparently, one of the hottest years on record so far globally, climate change and all. So where should we move to? Come on sun…

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