Squaring up

There is no sun yet, so yesterday’s white magic attempt to lure Springtime with bright quilting seems to have failed. Little things are however popping up, and our “garden” seems to think it will be sunny someday. There is hope.


Meanwhile, when not invoking the spirit of Springtime, my ongoing Dead Dad shirt quilt is shaping up. I suppose it will ultimately have to have another name — but the gruesome humour kept me from busting into tears when I was sewing it. It’s almost coming up for six months ago that he died and I still miss him horribly, even if the uncontrollable tears are getting better.

I was going to add borders to this quilt, but I have decided that keeping it as a small lap quilt for daily use might make sense for my mum, if she can bear to use it. So now I just need to think of a suitable back… and then quilt it. Loopy-loops, probably. I wonder if I can finish it for this weekend? But then my pile of exam and paper marking is growing and will no doubt keep me busy into the evenings, so probably not.

PICT9115Pink shirt, stripey shirts, those two pairs of pyjamas he never wore but kept just in case, and then some pretty Provençale fabric from their French neighbours’ market stall. It’s amazing how much fabric is in a shirt: these are only the sleeves of shirts, and I still have a huge bag-full of cotton. What shall I make next? A squarey one for me, probably.


Linking up to ‘Work in Progress’, and looking forward to seeing what others have been up to this week.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Happy sewing! JJ

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7 Responses to Squaring up

  1. Your quilt is beautiful, and so special. I understand wanting to put a little distance between you and the quilt with the name. I’m currently working on a shirt quilt from my grandfather’s shirts for my Dad (and then I have to do three more for my uncles). It gets tedious, but will be worth it.

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. Love how the Dead Dad shirt quilt turned out and YES, it indeed needs a better name. Cheers

  3. It is lovely! I, too, have only been using shirt sleeves so far and am amazed at the amount of fabric. I’ll be piecing the large shirt backs together for a backing, I think. I have some plaid shirts as well for my next MIL shirts quilt. I’m thinking of making a Seven Shirts Quilt ala the Life is a Stitch blog (http://thethriftyquilter.blogspot.com/2009/06/seven-shirts-seven-steps-one-thrifty.html). We’ll see. I understand about working with the fabrics to work through your grief. I also make a t-shirt quilt from my dad’s shirts when he died 8 years ago. I passed it around the family for a few months at a time with everyone, but now it resides in my sewing studio. Be well!

    • Great link, thank you Erin! The pieced back is a good idea too, and the travelling quilt. The thing that totally made me weep was when I was pressing the shirts: I got washing-powder smells that reminded me of him. Strange how smell is so evocative.
      Now I just have to try and make a square like yours that match up the stripes… But it does make your eyes boggle, doesn’t it? There is one thin blue/white stripe in there that was almost painful to sew…

  4. It’s a marvelous quilt infused with love. You should most definitely make yourself one too. xx

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