Dying for sun, dyeing in the sun

We had a fun family afternoon trying out dyeing with Small People, practising for Miss R’s upcoming birthday party. One little girl could not come to the actual party, so we borrowed her today instead to try out the planned activity. It was just about about warm enough on the balcony.

ChapichapoThese skirts were made from an old nightie that belonged to my grandmother, was passed to my mother, then to me, then when the lawn cotton finally ripped in the bodice, it was given a new lease of life as coloured skirts for small girls! Four generations of women united in fabric. Pretty fabulous, isn’t it? The girls threaded the elastic round the top once I had ironed the cotton dry. I had pre-sewn the tubes beforehand. My lovely Miss R on the right.

Aren’t the hats gorgeous? I saw them in a shop, couldn’t decide which one to get, and decided that I really needed both. Seeing this photo, I think I made the right choice!

We did a simple ‘cram jar’ technique, as learnt during the last Patchwork in the Peaks, run by the ever-amazing Miss E. It is always fun taking the fabric out of the jars after an hour or so because the result is always unexpected. Very 1970s! (Registration is open for the next Peaks on 3-6 October, incidentally, with lots of fun workshops planned, should anyone be tempted to learn to quilt / sew / appliqué! I wouldn’t miss it for anything).
But after a fun day playing (cooking, cleaning, feeding, dyeing, rinsing, feeding again…), I will be marking exams all week. Oh, the joy. But I hope for an hour or so sewing in the evening as recovery therapy. JJ

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