Life in a hexagon

There is hope in our corner of the world! The sun was out today, and I sat on a blanket in the park during my lunch break, with two happy children and a pile of hexies. I am of course claiming full credit for the sun finally coming back, thanks to the delayed effects of my sun-worshipping white magic impromptu sewing project. Miss R sewed one hexie, then went hunting for grass for the guinea pigs. Mr A hid under the woolly blanket, trying to avoid having sun cream spread all over him by his paranoid (and fair) mother… So now that the sun is out, I can spend the rest of the summer avoiding it and not getting burnt. Who said people in Geneva complained the whole time? Oh yes, we do!

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 6.45.37 PM

So, after a few snatched sessions here and there in sun and shade, this is what the hexies now look like, on a bed pillow for scale. Scrappy and sweet.

I have a work trip to Paris soon, by train, so that should provide some more slightly wobbly minutes of stitching.  A delightful box of Swiss chocolates — they didn’t last long! — has become the perfect holder for bits and pieces. Can you spot the tape sewn to the little scissors (“Sewing”) that is meant to keep little hands from appropriating these for whatever crafting project they are involved in? Mind you, it assumes that the possible culprit can read, making at least one member of the family the obvious culprit if they get blunted.

Looking in the box, I realise that I must baste up some more scrappy hexagons for the train trip. I find it so much easier to piece in strange places if I have a pile ready in assorted colours. It is very peaceful, and strangely therapeutic at the end of a long term to do something slow.

Hexies 6 june 2013

So work in progress, indeed, but slow slow slow. But the path is the destination in this case, perhaps?
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Happy sewing! JJ

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