Fitting into tight places

Blogland is full of wonderful pictures of people’s sewing studios, with oodles of space and wonderful views. Believe me, I would love to have a large airy room of my own, with a view of the sea, of the mountains, of anything inspiring. But creative spaces can be found anywhere. Geneva, wonderful as it is to live in, doesn’t exactly score highly on housing availability at the moment. So here, just to give you an idea, is my creative corner, freshly tidied.

This, to me, is my little corner of bliss in a busy life of juggling. The shelf was picked up off the street yesterday, to my huge excitement. Swiss people are wonderful at putting things in the street on what my father used to call Big Rubbish Days. For him, this was more like Red Letter Days: he was the ultimate scavenger, practicallly furnishing three houses with his finds. The tradition lives on! I think it probably needs painting and my kind friend Ms C has agreed to advise. What colour? Boring white or something softer?


Can you see the shirt quilt, backing made and basted ready for quilting, on the table? Hopefully I will have time next week to finish it for my dear mother.

Last night, after a day of marking, I started making a fabric boxy-thingy to store my scraps. I was officially trying to tidy up but I got just a teeny-weeny bit sidetracked. My scraps currently live in bags stuffed under the table, sorted by colour. Miss G taught me to make the small boxes as thread catchers, so I scaled it up. Amusingly, the original one she had taken inspiration from was apparently larger. Plus ça change… It’s squishy but keeps its shape nicely when filled with scraps. I’ve picked out some other colours to combine for each set of sorted scraps, so I really need to make some more. It needs some neighbours.PICT9143

Last Sunday, while reading PatCHquilt magazine, the Swiss patchwork association, I came across a challenge (competition?) they are holding with a deadline in December. On the basis that deadlines in the future don’t really exist, I thought I might give it a go (says the overcommitted academic, agreeing to write book chapters or papers for distant deadlines, only to discover that you do actually have to hand them in eventually…). So I got out the dyes and had a go at making some fabric to go with a pile of bright Kaffe Fassett little 2.5 inch squares. It was fun! I might even get round to making the quilt as planned. Sometime.

PICT9136Colours! Colours! Colours! Actually, I’d probably hate a quilt that was made up in these colours, but I can always give it away, can’t I?

PICT9139OK, off to play to see if I can make that little sailboat into something for Le Challenge. Going back to the website, I discovered the theme isn’t ‘Nautical’ but ‘Maritime’. Same thing, don’t you think? I think sailboats totally qualify…

Happy sewing! JJ

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3 Responses to Fitting into tight places

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  3. Sarah says:

    How wonderful to see I’m not the only one crafting in a cramped corner, how I envy the lovely rooms, sheds, attics and caravans of blogland. I too have bags full of stuff shoved in under the table I need a major tidy up and a set of shelves. Thanks for sharing ~ Sarah x

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