Study in red

Can I make you believe that I have sewn enough hexies to cover the back of a chair?

Study in red5Well, only if you don’t notice that this chair is clearly child-sized, standing on a table, and that that is quite obviously not a full-scale fire engine…

Anyhow, optical illusion aside, I have been spurred on by Jessica “Life under quilts” Alexandrakis’ invitation to link up paper-piecing progress this week. Before I froze yesterday up my cloudy mountain, I did get some stitching done. I may do some more this evening as the air is sweet in Geneva, and my balcony beckons when I have written this.

But first, a cup of herbal tea. This is a chair we brought back from Canada, after having rescued it from a skip and painted it red. How often do reclaimed chairs get shipped across the world, at vast expense, after having been abandoned upside down in a damp Vancouver dump? We are daft, but we love it. Even if it now clearly needs repairing again. And I must finish making it a cover because it’s a bit too obvious in this photo that the red sheet is just bundled over the foam, and looks rather scrappy. Still, it’s very comfortable, and surely that is good enough this evening?

Study in red4

So, while sipping my tisane, let me tell you about my latest little sewing steps, should you be kind enough to find any interest in such things.

After consulting my quilty friends, I decided that what started out as random piecing could be turned into some sort of medallion for a larger quilt. I do admire people who plan quilts in advance, and baste thousands of hexies before doing any stitching. That is indeed admirable. But sewing is the unstructured part of my life, and I just improvise. The title of my blog is my motto here: being pragmatic — something my Swiss husband thinks of as quintessentially British, so I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you — means not being fazed by not knowing exactly where I am going. I can try to make it sound like philosophy if I so choose, but really it is just the spirit of patchworky making do. Just winging it, folks!

Study in red1Does this look like a giant hexagon yet? Once I have the basic shape, I will then decide whether to go round another time. Or two. I suspect the limit here will simply be how many paper pieces I have in total, and how far they will stretch around the whole. I don’t think I could face cutting them myself, and I only picked up on packet in Japan. I could count and work it out, but that would just be a bit too much like planning.

Those of us who like paper piecing all rave about its portability (…says she grandly, having only started this about a year ago!). Another way of knowing when this will be finished is connected to that: when it no longer fits into my pinky zippy pouch. I picked this up in a French supermarket a few weeks ago in Paris. It fits into my handbag so nicely. But my giant hexagon is getting a teeny-weeny bit bulky now, and squished.

Study in red3And my progress on the Rose Stars quilt? Well, I finished another one, and have made friends with them again. So that is progress indeed. I look forward to reading the other contributors’ entries.

Happy stitching! JJ

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4 Responses to Study in red

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  2. Lisa says:

    Love all that red. So pretty.

    Visiting from Jessica’s

  3. You could make this into a basket. To me it looks like an upside down basket with a semi formed handle on it. Then you could applique the basket onto a background and have green vines draping all over it. Just an idea of what I see.

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