Wrapping up

The shirt quilt is dry and lovely, and no longer smells of that slightly suffocating father and naphtalene smell that his old shirts conjured up. So, new life in the sun. The shirts are now a quilt. And I no longer need to weep (quite so much), or call it the Dead Dad quilt to cope with the whole morbidity of it.

Shirt quilt finished6In bad lighting on the balcony, it looks something like this, only brighter:

Shirt quilt finished1Don’t you just love the feet on this photo? The back is a sheet and some toile de jouy from a little shop in Besançon that I bought last year on an epic, and rainy, camping holiday in the French Jura. I only noticed when it was finished that the pictures have ‘matin’, ‘midi’, and ‘soir’ hidden in them. The daily life of the bucolic French peasants, apparently. Although how they would find the energy to play the flute after a day of hard labour in the field is anybody’s guess.

Shirt quilt finished2So one nice finish before the summer holidays. Now I can make another one for myself, probably with a different motif, using the same shirts and hopefully weep a little less this time around, seven months on from his sudden death.

This was only about one sleeve from each shirt — and pyjamas and some extra Provençale fabric — so there is lots left. It’s amazing how much fabric you get out of a shirt from a very tall man! It’s quilted in loopy-loops all over. Quite intense to do on my little Pfaff but really crinkly and nice now with a puffy wool batting inside.

Shirt quilt finished5Some slippy pyjamas, 100% cotton, some obvious blends: not easy to keep it all accurate, but quilted to pieces it looks ok!

Shirt quilt finished4The binding is from an duvet cover from the usual Swedish big store that has found its way into many projects in the past months, both in its green and red versions. And Ms E, please note that I have actually managed to learn from you and make proper bias candy-cane-style bias tape! Thank you.

Yay. It’s finished. Now I can now give it to my mother.

Happy summering (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere)! JJ

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4 Responses to Wrapping up

  1. It’s beautiful, my dear, I absolutely love it. I hope that the memories it will evoke, and all the love that went into making it, will bring comfort to your mum xxx

  2. It’s beautiful!! And yes, I noticed the binding. I was wondering if there had been that much left over on the Christmas quilt and am thrilled to know there wasn’t and you’ve made that yourself – well done!! It’s a lovely quilt and I know that the one to come for you will continue to comfort all who snuggle beneath it. xx

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