Starting the colour series

The air is cooler tonight, and the heat of the day is easing off. The sun just went down behind the mountains. The evening glow is still shining on the Medieval town below, clinging to its hill top. It could hardly be more beautiful, or more inspiring. Time for a quick update.

This afternoon, I sat watching the children splash about in a nearby pool, I noticed what I was wearing, and stitching. After a few days of pink hexagons, I was back to the small red ones, officially because they are more portable.

Study in red2

Note to self: Remember to hold in your stomach when you are taking a photo after an Italian homecooked meal of gnocchi…

Colour catches my attention in fabric, and I seem to make quilts with relatively limited palettes. That this seems to contaminate my days in other ways is only slowly becoming clear to me. I never really wear red. This outfit was bought a couple of years ago in a sale in a super-cheapo shop not far from where I am now. It only comes out when it is super hot (and when I am not working…). But somehow it obviously either echoed or provoked my change in what I wanted to sew.

Study in red1This is a growing occurence around these parts, apparently. I am slowly turning into my quilts…

How about you? Do you find the colour you sew with is found in other aspects of your life? I thought I was a green, green, green girl, but somehow my quilting is making me more adventurous. I’d love to see photos of others’ experiences. If you send me a photo, I’ll post it here, if you let me. You are welcome to chop your head off, as I do, if you don’t want your spouse / mother-in-law / boss / children / mad neighbour to see you for evermore on the eternal internet archives. I’ll call this a growing colour series. Want to take part? Can we get a complete colour wheel of quilters?

On another front, and in order to dispel all impression that I am no more than a stuck-up academic with a fabric problem, here is further proof of my incredible artistic talents: I have been painting… toe nails. Ha! First time ever.

Building on the marvellous job done by my friend Miss C, a true nail professional, I painted my mother’s toes, and my daughter’s too. We used a most audacious Italian nail kit with a magnet that does odd things to the contents of the varnish when you pass it over the freshly painted toe. You can barely see it here, but this makes a magic zebra effect. Now does one really need zebra nails? Ma certo! Can I live down the fact that I experimented first one my beloved and unsuspecting family before trying it out on myself? Probably not!ToesOr can I pretend that I didn’t try it out yet because it didn’t quite match my quilting?

Happy painting! JJ

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2 Responses to Starting the colour series

  1. mindingmomma says:

    my daughter would love a zebra effect on her toes. since she started cheer she cant paint her fingernails anymore so her toes are getting quite the artistic treatment!

  2. Here’s a link to another hexagon WIP. This idea came from a tutorial I saw for a Modern Hexagon Quilt at I plan to make two 22″ wallhanging. My blocks will be made of hexagons from different shades of various colors. I am teying to decide which color to leave out because I only need 8 sets of hexagons.

    Modern Hexagon-WIP

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