Babies on the mind

No, no, not more babies for us! Two is just perfect. Instead, I have baby quilts on the mind as two dear friends officially became parents yesterday, one of whom is Mr A’s godfather-at-a-distance.

I made Christopher and Luke a wedding quilt a couple of years ago, and kept fabric for when, as they hoped, their family would grow. Now, in the astonishing world of open adoption in the US, a birthmother has chosen them as the family for her baby that, for reasons of her own, she has chosen not to raise. They are over the moon.

So this little bag of fabric can now finally become a proper baby quilt for Baby T.

Chris and Luke babyquiltIt will match this one I made for them, and that I finished during a quilting retreat up in the Alps.

Chris Luke on wallWhat fun! Now how shall I make it? Not the same pattern, but something simple to match it. Probably my favourite squares, I suspect, although I ought to use the opportunity to try something more complicated on a smaller scale?

Happy family-ing!


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1 Response to Babies on the mind

  1. Oh what wonderful news! They must be chuffed to bits! And I love the idea that you’re using the same fabric as the wedding quilt. I never thought to do that. (Hastily steals idea…)
    As for the baby quilt, I’d say try something different – if you don’t like it, it’s only a small project 🙂 And I can’t wait to see what you come up with
    LPC xxx

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