One hundredth post!

Can I really have had something to say 100 times on this blog? Apparently. Heavens.

Certainly it might be interesting to look back at what I have made, and learnt, even if I scrolling backwards isn’t terribly easy or convenient on this blog. Does anyone know of a way of turning Blog postings into another format of offline document? It would be great if, at the click of a switch, this could become some sort of album to be printed out. Surely someone has found a way of doing that? I’d love to know if someone has any clues about this —  and as long as I can then delete the boring bits!

I was blessed with one long day of blissful sewing today, and two sorts of finishes to show off, as well as a progress report on the hand-piecing.

It seems fitting that the 100th post should feature a quilt for someone who has done so much for me in terms of turning my virtual connections around quilting into actual live and wonderful quilters on my doorstep. Ms E, organiser of the ever-wonderful alpine quilt retreats was in need, for once, of her own quilt. So a few emails to some wonderful local ladies produced, in record time, a lovely quilt top for her. I finished putting it together today. It was such tremendous fun to watch the post come in with envelopes stuffed with these beauties! What a lovely collection of friends quilting has brought me.

Elita quilt top finishedHere are some not terribly good closer shots of it in quarters. Contributions by the incredible Mss G, C, L, J, E and A, and me. As Ms E said, even if we’d planned it — which we didn’t — we couldn’t have had a better mix of blocks. My only indication to the impromptu team working against the clock was “blue and white, 12 inch, please”. Appliqué, piecing, strings, stars, ticker-tape: they are all in there somewhere.

The sashing is from a new fabric store that just opened in Geneva, in the middle of town. Very exciting in itself, even if it’s not the greatest one, and not at all targeted at quilters (but we’ll teach them the basics, like making nice little pre-cut fabric bundles, soon enough…).

Elita quadrant 4

Elita quadrant 3

Elita quadrant 1Can you spot that little boat that appeared here a few months back? It found a home here, sort of pretending to be blue.

Elita quadrant 2On another project, I literally threw together a baby quilt tonight for Mr C and Mr L’s new Baby T who joined them two weeks ago through open adoption, in the United States. An amazing story.

I went for speed with the scraps I had left over from their wedding quilt, and backed it in cozy fleece. Today was the last day of my summer holiday, so it was going to be now or never (or much later…). I thought it would be useful to have a thin quilt perfect for wrapping up a tiny one. Unfortunately, I hadn’t counted on the stripey fleece showing quite so much through the top. Bother!

I put no batting as in my experience a thin baby quilt is very useful in the early days — but using on car seats, throwing into prams or wrapping around a worn baby in a sling. I took a photo of it but my computer seems to have gobbled it up, strangely. Here is another one taken as it drips dry in the bathroom. Useless photo, but you get the idea. As it is still wet here, the fleece shows through even more… Ooops.

Chris and Luke baby quilt finishedI suppose it sort of echoes its rather more glamorous bigger brother?

Chris Luke on wallAs for the hand stitching, there wasn’t too much of that this summer, although I did manage almost another round of hexies on the red project. Then I ran out while up my mountain, and I now need to cut some more and fill my little handbag stitching box again.

Hexie progress

I’m going back to work tomorrow, and the whole family will be slipping into the usual work and school patterns in the next few days. So happy getting used to new routines, or work, to you! JJ

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6 Responses to One hundredth post!

  1. Ohhh I love all those red together. It is so difficult to find a good quilter fabric store in Spain too.

  2. RapunzEllen says:

    Congratulations for the 100th post :-). I love your quilts and your hexies, they are all so pretty. Don’t bother the fleece. The baby wil love it.

  3. Pamela says:

    Congratulations on 100 posts! The red hexies are coming along nicely.

  4. Wendy says:

    great hexi progress…your other quilts are lovely as well.

  5. Josefina says:

    I love your sampler quilt. In answer to your question, look for software that can convert web pages to PDF files.

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