Little boxes, little boxes all the same

A nice chat in the sun with a colleague, a little walk around the city’s “Marché aux Puces” and a(nother) sewing box, on legs this time, that caught me eye. Mine for 20.- Swiss francs. Made by Singer, apparently.

All it needs is a lick of paint, a screw or two, and some love. It even had one needle still stuck in a corner of one tray. It’s now living in my office as it’s going to be a bit hard to get it home on a folding bicycle…

Sewing box on legs

Now don’t you think I should set up a permanent sewing space in my university office? After all, I am running out of storage space in my bedroom at home…

Happy scavenging! JJ

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2 Responses to Little boxes, little boxes all the same

  1. Margaret Stedman says:

    I am green with envy at your sewing box. I’m on the look out for one like that but they are obviously few and far between in New Zealand!

  2. Ooooh! You’re getting as bad as me! (Ok, well not really, but it’s progress, I suppose!)
    Beautiful sewing box, btw 🙂

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